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What happens if any website is hacked?
22 Jul
Remove Malware from WordPress and Fix Hacked Site

Some ways you may find your website has been hacked:

1. Your website could be taken offline completely or defaced.

2. Customer data could be stolen and often shared or sold.

3. You will find more traffic on your website from other countries that you have not focused yet

4. Google can blacklist your website and show a large red warning sign to visitors damaging your reputation and stopping visitors continuing through your website.

5. The search engines will give you the indications about website hacking

6. Your email services can then be blacklisted

7. Your web host can suspend your account to protect their server from further harm.

8. Links are redirecting to shady websites

9. Website takedown by hosting provider

10. Your Emails Are Sent to Spam

11. Your Website Is Used for Unwanted Redirects or Advertisements

12. You get notified by Google Search Console (previously Google Webmaster Tools) that malware has been installed on your website

13. You start receiving bounced spammy emails that you did not send

14. Your website security plugin alerts you

15. Strange pop ups start appearing on your website

How do we help?

1. We take a full back up of your website files and database

2. We clean or remove all viruses that are detected

3. We Upgrade WordPress, theme and plugins to latest versions

4. Other files are manually checked before uploading

5. Delete any plugins and themes that you are not using

6. Install security plugin & limit logins

7. Passwords and WordPress salts are changed for improved security

8. The cleaned version is re-uploaded to your server

As a Website Malware Removal Company based in Bangalore, India we offer cost effective 24/7 Support, 365 Days support for your website.

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