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Website Security

Website Security

Website Malware Removal or Security Services

What is Website Security?

Website Security protects and secure your website from Virus, Malware Attacks, Backdoor Hacks, Redirects Hack, Trojan and other Vulnerabilities.

Why Website Security?

Websites are hacked every day by hackers. The hacker’s aim is to damage your website, data breach or leak, redirect website traffic to spam content by installing a virus or backdoor code to steal your visitor’s data. If your website gets hacked, don’t panic! You have to find out how it was hacked and how to fix the issue and restore the website to normal status.

Google Malware Warning?

If you are seeing a Google Security Warning, it’s a malicious website. Remove the malware code from your website as quickly as possible. Our experienced team members are available to assist you with website malware removal service.

Do you have more than one Malware Infected Website?

Don’t Worry. We help for one site then will scan your hosting server and offer you a discounted price for other remaining sites that have malware. You only pay for the websites that are hacked.

Malware Removal Services

Team of Security experts will clean the malware infection from your site. Once your site is restored, we will provide you with the details of a report with our findings.

We provide services like Web Site Security, Website Cleaning, Malware Cleaning, Blocking Multiple Attacks, Removal from Blacklist, Monitoring and Malware removal.

Possible Creatives dealing with major Content Management Systems & Custom PHP Websites to protect from Malware or Virus related issues.

If you are running WordPress website and have been hacked, hire us to clean much of the malicious code from your site.

How do I know that My Website is Hacked?

  • Redirects to another website when you visit the site
  • The search engines will give you the indications about website hacking
  • Strange pop ups start appearing on your website
  • Unknown Files and Scripts are added on Your Hosting Server
  • You will find more traffic on your website from other countries that you have not focused yet

Let Us Protect your Website from Hackers or Malware Attacks

Is your website safe from hackers? If not, take a step to protect your website from hackers because Malware infected sites will be banned on search engines.

Are You looking for Website Malware Removal Services in India?

Website Security Monitoring and Malware Removal

As a Website Malware Removal Company based in Bangalore, India we offer cost effective 24/7 Support, 365 Days support for your website.

Website Security Services price starting from INR 5500 do contact us to get specific rates for your website.

We also provide website backup, security and malware removal services on request for small, medium and large companies.

Hacked Website Malware Removal

Our malware removal service checks the Database Injections, htaccess Threats, TimThumb Exploits, Malicious Code and Core File Changes.

24/7 WordPress Security and Malware Removal

Is your site hacked or infected with Malware? Let us get it fixed for you.

Keep your website, business and brand healthy. Add Website Security to Protect it from malware attacks.

What we Do:

  • 24/7 website monitoring.
  • Creation of custom security architecture
  • Regular security testing and patching
  • Blocks spam comments and phishing emails
  • Blocks Bruteforce attacks
  • Log monitoring and manual security maintenance

How we Do:

  • Scan the Website
    We scan the website to find malware or virus related code
  • Remove the Infection
    Then we remove any malicious code, virus code and malware links in your source code
  • Get Clean Website
    At last we provide you clean Website Files, after removing all malicious code or Virus code

Website Malware Removal Services in India

Our Customer Feedback

I used services of Possible creatives for my company’s blog site. I am very impressed the way the work was carried out. I will definitely recommend them and will use their services for my future requirements

– Binu James, CTO

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