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Quickest Ways of Improving Your Presentation Design
17 Nov
PowerPoint Presentation Design

Quickest Ways of Improving Your Presentation Design

Make sure that each slide in your presentation contains just one idea or concept. It’s better to deliver
content your one piece at a time – with each leading into the next – than to brain dump your information all at once.

A ‘one point per slide’ approach enables you to focus your audience’s attention – it’s easier to absorb meaningful
sequences of information than trying to process multiple messages simultaneously. It also provides a logical hierarchy for
your content, making clear any omissions and helping you to tell a story with your presentation.

2. Lead with Visuals

Wondering how you’re going to communicate more complex ideas to your audience with less text? Do this by making use of relevant, powerful imagery.

There’s wisdom in that old cliché that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ – just think about how much easier it is to understand something when you see it in action than it when someone tries to explain it. Studies have also indicated the effectiveness of visuals in aiding retention.

This is true for presentations, too – so let visuals lead your messaging and actually enhance what you’re saying. Don’t shy away from bold, dramatic images that help communicate your points in interesting ways.

3. Visualise Any Data

Data can do wonders to back up your messages and bolster your credibility, but it’s easy to get wrong: pasted Excel sheets look terrible and don’t lend numbers any meaning.

Of course you’ll want to use data to analyse metrics, plot goals and explain costs, but visualizing this information is important: it adds context and makes the material more memorable. Simplify your quantitative information: only include data points that are directly relevant and offer support to your messages. Then present these figures in an interesting way: either in a large font on their own slide or with a graph that goes beyond the usual formats.

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  1. Jeeva Prabhu | March 30, 2018 at 12:13 pm

    Great explanation and acceptable points!

    In fact, most of the customers like the audio, video (visual) content than text these days and moreover, they will attract the customers and create aware of the products & services easily.

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