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Top Reasons Why Hackers Want to Hack Website?
23 Jan

There are a plenty of reasons why hackers want to hack a website. To showcase that they were capable of doing such tasks or to showcase ego, angry and other things on their enemies. Website hack becomes a more significant threat now a days. The top reasons are below:

Vulnerability Scanning: as the name defines, is a security technique to identify security weaknesses on websites.

Money Loss: Banking Trojans or malicious code or Adware or Spyware specifically designed to steal money from you.

Third-Party Access: To gain access by doing brute force attacks.

Information Leakage: as the name defines, hackers want to steal your personal and private information for various reasons.

Unauthorized Code Execution: as the name defines, hackers want to infect a website with malware in order to take control on website by adding execution of unwanted code or commands.

Server Interruption: These types of attacks are to keep website shut down or useless. One of the most popular server disruption attacks is Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS).

Website Mischief: These types of attacks are often done for a shocking factor to showcase they were capable to make these kinds of attacks by adding unwanted content, messages, images and videos.

for Fun: Sometimes hackers hack website for fun to become popular.

Is your website safe from hackers? If not, take a step to protect your website from hackers because Malware infected sites will be banned on search engines.

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